Monday, August 25, 2008


Yes you read it right, I am pertaining to MR. NORMAN GACULA the president and CEO of OFW INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS INC. This man is not just a little bit of a liar but a swindler to hundreds of OFW's who invested on his $1000.00 scam businesses. Yes, if you come to search for this person's name in google or yahoo, there is a lot of good publicity about this person's agenda. BUT ITS ALL A LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He is like a thief in the night, in which by day pretends to be a good friend who can't harm any living things but at night eats like a hungry demon searching for an innocent soul!

This scumbag had ultimately swindled a lot of money from innocent patriotic-hard-working citizen of this country.

So I hope those people who would be dealing with this person would have an idea about what im talking about. If you see all the articles regarding this person and his "so-called-companies" all comment boxes are disabled, it is because he would want to recruit a lot more OFW's for his evil-greediness for money.


Haqiqa said...

This is just tip of the iceberg about Mr. Norman D. Gacula! Have you heard of “American Greed”? Google it! Mr. Norman D. Gacula is one of the Philppine versions of American Greed.

The said...

I was one of the victim of this man, I invested in his carwash business and it proves to be scam, we filed charges to the court but it seems that he has a lot of connections.

leeunrestricted said...

Finally, someone expose his scam. I am one of the victim as well. Yes, he has a lot of connection in the military. He is currently, teaching at psba manila and I wonder if he is teaching how to successfully swindle people. I tried to give a comment and warn people specially the OFW website but the website has to screen the message before they upload it. I guess, his target right now are the OFW because of their limited knowledge in manila business trade. He doesnt have any credibility in the Business sector unless otherwise he partner with the hoodlooms in manila. It's hard to file a legal complain because he always form a corporation and use different names. He can even deceive banks to open up an account. So beware OFW !!!

Tess Que said...

I’m one of those overseas Filipinos helped by Mr. Gacula in the past. Yes, I’m trying to find him, but only to say thank you. Again! He helped one of my relatives with a government hospital when she was almost dying. Because of him, my pamangkin’s life was saved. You should substantiate your allegations against him, and not hide behind aliases in blogs like this so that he will also have recourse against people destroying him. We have laws, and he is innocent until proven guilty by the courts. I did not have bad experience w/ him. He did not even ask for a single centavo when he helped my relatives.

Tess Que said...

I’m one of those overseas Filipinos helped by Mr. Gacula in the past. Yes, I’m trying to find him, but only to say thank you. Again! He helped one of my relatives with a government hospital when she was almost dying. Because of him, my pamangkin’s life was saved. You should substantiate your allegations against him, and not hide behind aliases in blogs like this so that he will also have recourse against people destroying him. We have laws, and he is innocent until proven guilty by the courts. I did not have bad experience w/ him. He did not even ask for a single centavo when he helped my relatives.

Ambo said...

For a person to look sincere and credible should do some act that would show the world that he is kind, caring, understanding, that he can be trusted. But the resources Norman used in doing the said "good deed" should be scrutinized. I believed without the OFWs, who have helped him link with contacts, would have not able him to do the "good deed". Plus the fact the monetary resources he uses in just transporting himself to/from destinations, were in fact moneys of OFWs. Kapag manloloko ka, syempre hindi mo ipapakita at sasabihin sa mundo na, "hey! lolokohin kita, manggagantso ako!"

Lailanie Esperanza said...

I agree with Tess. I think I know this man enough. He's a schoolmate and fellow scholar in a science high school. If you were really defrauded by Norman, substantiate your charges in court and don't hide behind aliases in blogs to destroy someone's name. A person is presumed innocent unless proven otherwise. Sad to say, this blogging or internet tool to communicate is much abused by irresponsible individuals who hide their true identities just to destroy a person. I challenge you guys to state your complete names, contact numbers and addresses here so that we'll know that you are real persons with real issues against Mr. Gacula. So that Mr. Gacula, if ever he's able to read these blogs could respond and do something including filing libel cases against you. "Mag-labanan kayo sa korte, wag dito." Absent this, you are reduced to sourgrapes and character assasins, and irresponsible bloggers.

Jennifer said...

it's true, Norman D. Gacula is a fraud man... i am also one of his victims,we supplied to his car wash business,..yet he did not pay us...he can fool you with his decent looks and intelligent approach, but be careful, he is an evil man. He has plenty of cases of large scale estafa; and bp22, but unfortunately, this evil man is still on the loose; he has lots of connections... i pity those people who truly worked hard for their money, i even know some who gave up all their savings from abroad; and some gave in all their retirement; and what did Norman Gacula do? He is a scam!!! Check out his cases...He is indeed a FRAUD MAN!!!

Public said...

To Lailanie,
Are you still in contact with Mr.Gacula? When was the last time you saw him? Could you please ask him to appear in court hearings where he is charged with fraud in connection with the carwash business that he franchised (or is still franchising)? Several relatives have been spending a lot of time, effort, and money to see some justice done, and they want to fight in court, but Mr.Gacula keeps asking for postponements or sometimes just does not appear. I cannot publish the names and addresses of my relatives because I don't know how that is going to affect their court case, which has been going on for YEARS, but I am willing to meet with you personally if you can provide some leads as to Mr.Gacula's whereabouts. The people he cheated are hard-working, honest people who are pursuing the case against him even though court appearances are very troublesome and costly because they want justice served.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Public said...

To Truth_Master,
Thank you very much for your post!
People need to know more about the real Mr.Norman Gacula, not just through self-serving articles, such as those published in Manila Times about OFpreneurship and car wash franchise.

There should be more posts like yours and like these:

I don't know what happened to the OFW Bank project of the OFWNet Foundation where he was(is?) INTERNAL AUDITOR, or the scholarship foundation he was said to be organizing. If anybody knows of his current activities, kindly post here or email me privately.

Public said...

To Tess,

I'm glad your nephew was saved and that your encounter with Mr.Norman Gacula was a positive one.

Yes, we do have laws, but if hospitals operated the way our courts did, your nephew would still be in the admissions area, waiting for the doctor who had re-scheduled for the nth time, or still assembling some other required information, or again scrambling to come up with the payment for people who will give their assistance.

Public said...

To Ambo,
How true!

"hey! lolokohin kita, manggagantso ako!", hahaha!

Public said...

Sayang ngayon ko lang nakita itong comment ng isang Ben Aguilar, sana maraming nakaiwas sa panloloko ni Gacula.

07/12/04 18:15:07 GMT
Name: Ben Aguilar
MY URL: Visit Me
Location: Cebu City

Magandang umaga po sa lahat ng OFWs at kanilang pamilya. Gusto ko pong balaan ang ating mga kapamilyang OFWs na huwag magtangkang mag-invest sa Mobile Car Wash Unit na itatampok sa Philippine International Franchise Conference and Expo na gaganapin sa Hulyo 16 hanggang 18 sa World Trade Center sa Pasay City. Ang nasabi po na unit ay ipapakilala ng grupo ni Norman Gacula na isa sa mga utak ng inyong ibinubulgar na OFW Bank project. Isa po siya sa mga opisyal ng OFW International Holdings at OFW Net Foundation. Dahilan sa pumalpak po ang kanilang proyektong bangko makaraan ang inyong pagtutok sa kanilang panloloko ay kung ano-ano na po ang kanilang pinaplanong proyekto para maenganyo ang ating mga kababayan na OFW na makapag-invest. Ang pagkakaalam ko ay naisauli na nila ang ilan sa kanilang nakunan ng investment para sa bangko na kanilang itinatayo na wala namang kaukulang lisensiya mula sa Securities and Exchange Commission at walang awtoridad mula sa Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. Pero may mga hindi pa nakakapag-refund na posibleng magreklamo kaya't kailangan nilang makalikom pa ng pondo at ang isa siguro sa paraan ay ang panghihikayat na mamuhunan sa kanilang proyektong Mobile Car Wash unit. Tinatawagan ko po ang mga kapwa ko OFWs at pati na rin ang kanilang pamilya na huwag patulan ang mga proyekto ng mga utak ng panloloko sa ating mga OFW upang hindi tayo makasama sa daan-daan na nahikayat niya na mag-invest sa kanilang OFW Bank project na palpak. Mabuhay po kayo sa inyong magandang adhikain na ibulgar ang mga illegal recruiters at investment scammers. "

Geek-CT said...

Truthmaster, Jennifer, Public, The, Leeunrestricted,
I have been trying to get Norman Gacula to appear in court as well but this guy seems to be very elusive. Is it possible we schedule some form of meet online or in person to compare notes and maybe we can all help each other?
Norman Gacula should not be allowed to be free on the streets. He should be in jail where he belongs.

Public said...

To Geek-CT,

Apologies for the late reply. This is Public. Could you email your phone# please to "" and I will be in touch?

Geek-CT said...

Hi Public,
Sent you email on JAILGACULA.

Hadqiqa said...

Norman D. Gacula, as an accountant, so to speak, is maybe considered as a corporate scammer. He found gold mine in OFWs. Be careful in dealings with the man.

Hadqiqa said...

There is an unverified information that Norman D. Gacula had cases of estafa or whatever way back in the 60's. So, even before he joined OFW organizations, he was already in this kind of trade.

"He who gets stores of wealth by a false tongue, is going after what is only breath, and searching for death."

Take note of this:

Republic of the Philippines, Metropolitan Trial Court, Branch XL(40) Quezon City
Warrant of Arrest


You are hereby commanded to ARREST the person of NORMAN D. GACULA who is/are said to be found G&E Franchising 5th Flr., Benjamin Bldg. at No. 62 Sgt. Esguerra St., cor. Mother Ignacia, Diliman, Quezon City who is/are charged before me with the crime of Viol. of BP. 22 and to bring him/her before me as soon as possible to be dealt with according to law.

FAIL NOT TO SERVE AND RETURN THIS WARRANT OF ARREST and show how the same been executed within ten (10) days from receipt hereof and if unserved to state the reason therefor, within a similar period.


Presiding Judge

(This case is bailable.)
Municipality of PASIG, Province of NCR


Case No. 96405-06
For: Violation of BP 22 (2 counts)
Case No. 96407-13 (7 counts)

CPDC-Quezon City
Warrant Section
Quezon City



You are hereby commanded to arrest Norman Gacula who said to be at B7.L18 Schubert St. North Olympus, Novaliches and who is charged before me with the crime of BP22 (non-appearance) and to bring him before me as soon as possible to be dealt with according to law.

The bail for his/her temporary liberty is hereby fixed at P2,000.00 each each which may be furnished by him either (a) by depositing the amount of the bond in the receipt therefore forwarded municipality/city where the accused is arrested and the receipt therefore forwarded to this Court, or (b) by purchasing the proper money order made payable to the order of this Court, or (c) by a personal bail bond for double the amount therein fixed executed by two or more solvent bondsmen who are either freeholders or householders and residents in the Philippines to be determined either by the Judge of the Regional Trial Court of the Judicial Region or by the Judge of MeTC/MuTC/MCTC of the municipality/city where the accused may be arrested, who are hereby authorized to approve either one of said bonds, and to order the provisional liberty of the accused immediately thereafter, and who shall forward to this Court all the papers of the proceedings.

Given under my hand and the seal of the Court this 4th day of November 2008.

Presiding Judge

1st Indorsement, November 4, 2008

Public said...

Too bad Norman Gacula has not been arrested yet. If you have friends/relatives in Baguio, better warn them as it looks like that is where he has been operating recently.

Hadqiqa said...

To: All

For all you know, Norman is reading this blog. Possible that he is Lailanie Esperanza or Tess Que?? That is his style. On the other hand, it is good if he is reading this blog for him to know that his trade is already exposed. As a result, his sphere of influence and movement is becoming small. This is more than being in jail.

Public, did Lalaine contacted you?

To: Tess and Lalaine,
Norman's corporate scamming is no secret to OFWs whom he dealt with. It is believed that he used the organization like OFWNet Foundation and OFW Holdings to do his trade. He is brilliant but utilizing his brilliance to defraud or riff off others with selfish motive.

Now, he is already exposed. His world is becoming smaller.

I don't know how he can get away with it. The internet is very powerful to dessiminate information.

bartgo said...

Maybe you can post pictures of Mr. N. Gacula and other officials of OFWNet Foundation Inc. and OFW International Holdings Inc., so that our Kababayans in the PH and abroad may aware of there style.

Emerald said...

its been more than two years now since kinasuhan namin itong si Mr. Norman Gacula pero indi pa rin tapos, ang kanyang modus na ginamit sa amin ay ang car wash franchising, which after mo mabili ay ipagbibili uli nya sa iba. Let's make a facebook fan page for this and let the whole world know who he really is.

allaboutdianneelise said...

May I ask if this is the Norman Gacula who now owns Qubiertos Restaurants and Regions Coffee Shops, with many franchises also. I would like to hold my breath for now but your blog will be helpful in the future in case I am not paid for our services. Thanks.


Is this norman the aame with norman who owns the valet service franchise business?